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The following is a list of the major changes to this web and interesting contracts we have completed, with the most recent changes shown first:

June 2012
We are getting in a new higher specification Eyeball camera, with Wide Dynamic Range and the highest resolution currently available, it is the VKCD-12100F2810IR, they are due in stock at the beginning of July.

February 2012
We have added a section to our website on IP telephony. We can now supply, install & maintain IP based telephone systems for the small business user, our system can cope with up to 100 extensions and up to 32 trunk lines. IP telephony allows you to dramatically reduce the cost of your voice call requirements and your calls can be routed anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

January 2012
New lower pricing and higher specification for our TeleGuard Internet Video Broadcasting services, WebCast servers now come with 100Mbps of un-metered bandwidth as standard. Higher capacity servers with 1Gbps or 10Gbps are now also available if your application requires them.

November 2011
We can now source a range of Digital Video Recorders that are compatible with the Safari web browser included as standard on an Apple Mac running OSX. These DVRs are also compatible with Apple iPhone & iPad, Google Android devices and RIM BlackBerry phones. Obviously these units also function as normal from industry standard computers running Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.

August 2011
We have added a new mini Eyeball camera, the EYE-CM420IR, it is colour and monochrome auto switching, it comes with a fixed 3.6mm lens and 24x IR LED illumination. The best feature is the price only 50 +VAT.

June 2011
We have added three new LED based White Light illuminators to this site. There are models with a 140 degree, 25 degree and 6 degree beam widths and illumination range is from 100m to 250m.

June 2011
We have two new AG Neovo CCTV monitors available, the SC17 & SC19. These are budget priced 17" & 19" composite video monitors that also have DVI & VGA inputs and so are ideal for connection to our DVRs with PC format outputs.

March 2011
The Thermal Imaging section of the website has been updated to reflect the current range of Thermal Cameras available.

March 2011
JVC have released two new very high performance cameras the TK-C9510E & TK-C9511EG, we are going to use these cameras for customers who want the highest quality possible from an analogue output camera. These two cameras will be ideal for high quality Internet video broadcasting.

February 2011
The Axis network cameras and encoders section of the website and price list has been updated to reflect the latest range of products on offer.

February 2011
NVRmini our new Linux based Network Video Recorder is added to the website and pricelist, with support for cameras from over 30 manufacturers, including Axis and Eneo.

February 2011
Eneo Network Cameras added to the website and price list, MegaPixel network video has never been so inexpensive.

February 2011
Eneo BLR series economy range of digital video recorders added to the website and price list.

January 2011
New "HD CCTV" over coax systems now available, with resolutions up to 1080 lines.

January 2011
Lower pricing for our 5GHz radio Ethernet equipment and TeleGuard 5GHz radio video transmission products.

November 2010
We have added a range of Mitsubishi public display monitors to our website and
price list, with sizes from 32" to 65" currently available.

October 2010
New in three new Plug & Play weatherproof cameras, the VKC-1378/IR-316, VKC-1378/IR-650 & VKC-1379/IR-316, each of these cameras is IP68 rated with 70 piece IR LED illuminators and Wide Dynamic Range.

March 2010
End of line pricing to clear on all the remaining CRT monitors, when they are gone, they are gone, we will be getting no more stocks in, so buy now if you need them for spares.

November 2009
The Mitsubishi remote DVR access software DX-PC200E has been upgraded with Microsoft Windows Vista & Microsoft Windows 7 operating system support now available.

October 2009
We have added a new 5.8GHz Analogue Radio Video Transmission system to our site, prices for a complete link start from 230 +VAT.

September 2009
Mitsubishi have finally released three new MPEG-4 based DVRs the 4 channel DX-TL304E, the 8 channel DX-TL308E and the 16 channel DX-TL5716E.

August 2009
Eneo have released a new economy range of Digital Video Recorders the BCR series.

August 2008
The VideoJet & VIDOS page has been updated to reflect the new range of hardware now available.

January 2008
We have released a new range of highly energy efficient LED Infra Red illuminators the IR-LED300 series. All models operate at 72Watts and depending on coverage required can illuminate a target at up to 250 metres. Discrete 880nm and covert 950nm models are available.

January 2008
The new low cost Eneo BTR range of digital video recorders are now available, with end user pricing starting at only 500 +VAT, including a CD Writer, it is the cheapest branded DVR we have ever sold, please call for discounted trade pricing.

December 2007
The Mitsubishi DX-TL4E 4 channel Digital Video Recorder has been released, this is the new economy DVR from Mitsubishi Electric, ideal for small retail and domestic customers, with end user pricing starting at only 470 +VAT it is the cheapest Mitsubishi branded DVR ever produced, please call for discounted trade pricing.

August 2007
New lower pricing for the Mitsubishi Printer and Mitsubishi Digital Instant Studio Consumables.

July 2007
New lower pricing across the Mitsubishi Digital Video Recorder range.

January 2007
A new page has been added to this website for our new range of Thermal Imaging cameras for security surveillance applications.

January 2007
Datasheets have been uploaded to the site for the TeleGuard Point-To-Point broadband radio Ethernet system and the TeleGuard Point-To-Multipoint broadband radio Ethernet system.

November 2006
We have taken on two new Dinion network cameras in the VideoJet range the colour NWC-0455 and the colour/monochrome NWC-0495. Each camera is a high quality Dinion camera with an integral VideoJet encoder.

September 2006
The Mitsubishi DX-TL4509E 9 channel Digital Video Recorder now has an information page, this is the latest generation DVR from Mitsubishi Japan, with many new features from the high spec DX-TL5000E and up to 12TB of data storage.

August 2006
We have added a datasheet for the new entry level Mitsubishi CP-D2E "Sublime" colour printer with a price of only 94 +VAT this printer brings high quality picture printing to the home and small office environment.

May 2006
The Mitsubishi DX-TL4516E 16 channel Digital Video Recorder now has an information page, this is the latest generation economy DVR from Mitsubishi Japan, with many new features from the high spec DX-TL5000E and up to 12TB of data storage. Units should start shipping from the beginning of June 2006.

March 2006
We have added a new domain name TELEGUARD.EU to our website to help publicise our TELEGUARD
brand products and for brand protection. This adds to our existing SLD.CO.UK, SLDSECURITY.COM, TELEGUARD.CO.UK and TELEGUARD.BIZ domain names. TELEGUARD is a registered trade mark of SLD in the field of security & communications, so if you see a TELEGUARD system on sale elsewhere make sure it is an official TELEGUARD brand product as designed by us. TELEGUARD surveillance systems - secure by design.

December 2005
We have added a new pdf document called
Ex-demo, refurbished, end of line and second hand equipment sale this will be undated regularly to reflect items that we are selling off at heavily discounted prices.

October 2005
The Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E 16 channel Digital Video Recorder now has an information page, this is the latest generation high end DVR from Mitsubishi Japan, with many new features and up to 60TB of data storage.

December 2004
Trial real time video transmission system goes live for Network Rail on the South London / Sussex rail network.

October 2003
Mitsubishi DX-NT400E four channel digital video recorder released, this system bring the latest Mitsubishi DVR technology to residential and small business users.

September 2003
DiREX-20 Mobile/Covert Digital Video Recorder added to our product range, the new DVR from Germany, ideal for installation in a car, bus, aeroplane, boat or for covert operation.

June 2003
Mitsubishi Electric DS-3000RT Digital Security System added to our product range, this new fourth generation system is probably the best network digital video recorder in the world today, with many trend setting features this is the system of choice for high security applications.

June 2003
VideoJet network video section completely updated with the VideoJet 10 and 1000 ranges. Many new products for 2003 including systems that can transmit and record 30 frames per second per channel, with cutting edge features.

May 2003
New upgraded MPEG-4 version of the TeleGuard Digital Radio Video Transmission system added to our product range, our new top-of-the-line radio video transmission system.

April 2003
The new state-of-the-art Mitsubishi DX-TL2500E 16 channel full duplex Digital Video Recorder is added to our range of world leading digital surveillance products, this system features remote access via a standard web browser or the NetHunter application for Windows. There has never been a more complete digital solution.

December 2002
Axis Network Cameras and Video Servers added to our product range, these are our new entry level network camera offering.

December 2002
FastTrace added to our product range, the new Remote Access Digital Video Recorder.

July 2001
TeleGuard SiteWatch Phase one roll out starts for Amec Rail on the South London rail network

January 2001
Falkirk Wheel WebCam goes live, our first webcam installation for British Waterways and Morrison Construction

August 2000
Trial TeleGuard SiteWatch system installation for Amec Rail at Clapham Junction and Victoria

June 2000
Millennium Open Golf Cam goes online at St.Andrews, our latest webcam installation for Scotland On Line

January 2000
Capital Cam goes online in Edinburgh, our latest webcam installation for Scotland On Line

May 1999
Lochness Live goes online in Scotland, our first webcam installation for Scotland On Line

December 1997
HMS Belfast webcam goes online in London for Livesights


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