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TeleGuard® Telecode®

Door Entry via the Public Telephone Network

TeleGuard® Telecode® is a patented, BABT approved, door entry telephone which is connected via the public telephone network thus eliminating expensive cabling. Suitable for multi tenanted buildings, the system allows for answering and opening a remote door using a standard telephone. This sophisticated piece of equipment is simple to install and provides a cost effective, modern, secure solution to door control.

Door Entry via the Public Telephone Network

The BABT approved TeleGuard® Telecode® system provides a simple and secure solution to answering and opening remote controlled doors via a conventional telephone handset operating over BT or Cable networks. The system is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, especially multi tenanted buildings and central station monitored buildings. The system will also operate over local normal cable using handset extensions.

The TeleGuard® Telecode® system consists of a TP5 combined codelock and entrance telephone mounted on the outside of the door. The TC5000 system controller, housed in a security key locked enclosure, is positioned on the inside of the door in close proximity to a telephone network connection.

The system gives voice verification of visitors and can be integrated with CCTV to give combined audio and visual verification. TeleGuard® Telecode® is a high feature system designed for local and remote door control.

How TeleGuard® Telecode® works

Call, answer and open

Simple instructions and call numbers, positioned adjacent to the TeleGuard® Telecode® unit, guide visitors on the use of the system. Visitors can contact tenants by dialling, via the keypad, either the short code number on the name board or the full telephone number. The tenants telephone will ring in the normal manner. When the tenant lifts the handset two way conversation and verification with the visitor takes place via the TeleGuard® Telecode®. To grant access to the visitor the tenant presses the 5 key on their telephone to release the remote door. If the tenant does not want to open the door, pressing the 0 key will cancel the call. The normal engaged tone will be heard by the visitor if a tenant's telephone is engaged.

Integral codelock, timer and lighting

The versatility of TeleGuard® Telecode® permits operation of the unit as a normal codelock access control system using the 99 available programmable 4 digit codes. Tenants and regular callers can be assigned an access code (or codes) to use as convenience "keys" to gain access to the building.

Secondary or service doors within the building can be controlled in a similar manner, without the answer phone facility, by using M65 codelocks connected to the TC5000 controller.

An integral weekly timer permits easily programmed time limits to all codes thereby controlling different entry times for specific, non-residential user groups e.g. service staff, cleaners, postmen, delivery staff etc.

During specific times of the day (e.g. 21:00 - 07:00 hours) it is possible to programme the TeleGuard Telecode to block code numbers eliminating possible nuisance calls. During this period visitors must use the tenants telephone number in full, which has been pre-programmed into the system, to gain access to the building.

The illuminated keypad feature on TeleGuard® Telecode® is ideal where installation in poorly lit areas is unavoidable and for night time operation.

Remote control programming

Programme changes to codes, telephone numbers and entry times on the TeleGuard® Telecode® unit can be carried out remotely with a tone operated push button telephone. This feature is particularly useful in multi tenanted buildings where entry times for different groups are required to be changed frequently.

Simple installation

Conventional installation can be carried out quickly and simply with the minimum of wiring, once a dedicated telephone line is available.

Where connection to the national telephone network is not available or desirable the TeleGuard Telecode unit can be hard wired with up to a maximum of 10 handset extensions.


TC5000 System Controllers - Features in Brief

  • TC central unit connects direct to a standard telephone line socket.
  • 10 extra hard wired extensions can be connected.
  • 99 access codes (99 different 4 number codes).
  • Blocking after 3 wrong code attempts.
  • Battery backed built-in weekly timer with 99 time zones and data memory.
  • Control relay for CCTV.
  • Remote control programming feature for codes, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Backlit keypad.
  • Menu driven programming.
  • Surface or flush mounting kit option.

Technical data

TC5000 Control Unit

  • Lockable composite housing for wall mounting.
  • Door opening time 1-99 seconds.
  • Simple menu controlled programming.
  • Telephone line plug, manuals and information for tenants is included.
  • Temperature range: 0C to +55C dry area.
  • Power supply: 24V transformer included.
  • Dimensions 140x200x60mm (HxWxD).

TP5 Door Telephone

  • Compact modular metal housing with lacquered metallic paint finish.
  • Housing fitted with security lock and tamper protected.
  • Relay output for door lock.
  • Output for CCTV integration.
  • Temperature range: -35C to +55C.
  • Dimensions: 200x80x40mm (HxWxD).
  • Can be flush mounted with a flush mounting kit.
  • Dimensions flush mounting kit: 235x85x37mm (HxWxD).

M65 codelock

  • For connection to a seperate tenant's entrance where a door telephone is not essential.
  • Compact modular housing with lacquered metallic paint finish.
  • Housing fitted with security lock and tamper protected.
  • Relay output for door lock.
  • Output for CCTV integration.
  • Keypad designed to IP54.
  • Temperature range: -35C to +55C.
  • Dimensions: 140x80x36mm (HxWxD).
  • Can be flush mounted with mounting kit.

Apartment telephones

  • For use with a TC5000 control unit where an ordinary telephone is not available.
  • Max. of 10 can be connected to a TC control unit.
  • Wall model available.
  • Table model available.
  • Door release button.
  • Colours: Beige/Brown.

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