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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Detect vehicle number plates

Our ANPR is an Intelligent Video Analysis System, using smart sensor technology and progressive hardware and software technologies to detect and identify the number plates of stationary and moving vehicles (up to 100 MPH), even in bad weather or darkness. Evaluation precision is up to 98%!

Main application areas for 1-channel systems

  • Gate control for car parks and company car parks

  • Automatic recognition of driving direction

  • Visitors and associates are managed in two separate lists

  • Unknown vehicles (number plates) can be reported

  • For every recognised number plate a picture is saved (export in Excel-lists)

  • Recording of video sequences by software triggering a digital recorder with possibility of searching number plates in the data base.

  • Control of gate and/or traffic light using relay contact

  • Operation of system possible by using browser interface of any working station in the network

  • System access is password protected (separate user rights for user and service)

ANPR can be operated as a stand-alone system or on a network. Detected vehicle number plates are compared to number plates saved in your own linked databases, and various actions are performed: Gates can be opened, traffic lights switched, alarms triggered via DSL, WLAN, GSM or ISDN and information can be sent to a central office, for example.



  • Reading, evaluation and recognition of vehicle number plates in the video picture (1-, 2- or 4-channel systems)

  • Saving pictures and data in an SQL database (local or external on a network)

  • Open interfaces via database interface for integration into higher-order application solutions

  • Special model ANPR also available for mobile use


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