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Video surveillance equipment

Video Cameras & Lenses
  We supply a wide range of video cameras for most overt, discrete and covert applications, with a range of complimentary camera lenses including fixed focal length, varifocal and motorzoom formats.

Weatherproof Camera Housings
  Our range of weatherproof camera housings keep your systems operating in the harshest environments.

Functional Domes and Pan Tilt Units
  Our fully functional dome cameras include the latest dual mode colour and monochrome camera technology to give you high quality pictures day and night. Our camera pan and tilt heads allow for full remote control of standard surveillance cameras.

Video Monitors & Projectors
  From monochrome CRT monitors to high end colour TFT and Plasma video monitors and high power video projectors, we are confident we can find a display unit for your video application.

Video Processing Equipment
  From simple video switchers to multi-user control stations and matrix switchers, we have the system for your application.

Digital Video Recorders
  We supply a wide range of Digital Video Recorders from Mitsubishi, Eneo and other manufacturers. From four to sixteen cameras per recorder and it is possible to cascade up to sixteen recorders to create a 256 camera system with ease.

Video Printers
  Our range of Mitsubishi video printers allow you to instantly produce hard copy evidence from your video surveillance system.

Infra Red & White Light Illuminators
  Our range of LED based Infra Red & White Light illuminators allow for overt, covert and discrete installation with our 950nm units completely invisible to the human eye.

Thermal Imaging Cameras
  Our range of cooled and un-cooled Thermal Imaging cameras, that allow you to see people and objects in zero lux environments. These camera are ideal for perimeter and border protection applications.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  The automated optical recognition has been something long since strived for by CCTV manufacturers. However, it has only been until very recently that camera technology has been fused with advances in computer processing power and the development of "Smart" algorithmic software to finally deliver such an important solution.


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Internet video broadcast
Our network video broadcast systems are ideal for live Internet video broadcasting.
Digital video surveillance
Our Mitsubishi T3 high end digital video security surveillance system allows instant access to all your video data, with frame rates of 25fps with over 50TB of online storage.
Entry level digital video recording
The Mitsubishi DX-TL304E 4 channel digital video recorder now with up to 4,000GB of online storage, at a price any security conscious user can afford.