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Video Processing Equipment

The new EKR matrix switcher series is now complete with the EKR-8/4, EKR-16/4 and 32/8 models and covers all requirements ranging from small CCTV applications right up to complex systems. All three matrix switchers offer extensive alarm management.

This allows connected cameras and monitors to be called up in groups, or signals from specific cameras can be hidden. The date and time of each alarm status and the programmed camera name can be output on the screen. When there is an alarm, the corresponding camera switches to the monitor and overwrites the current image. Also, an alarm is triggered to the security team when a video signal malfunctions.

Matrix operation is performed by the keyboards or also by an external PC over the RS-232 interface, and they are programmed via the keyboard and password-protected screen menus. Remote control of all key camera functions (pan, tilt, zoom, focus) as well as selection of stored preset positions is also featured. Several RS-485 interfaces are available for connecting pan/tilt systems and keyboards as well as multiplexer control.

Sequential video switchers

AVU-8/2EC 8 input 2 output sequential switcher
AVU-8/2AL-2 8 input 2 output sequential switcher with alarm inputs


Video Distribution

VDA-4A 1 input 4 output video distribution amplifier
VDA-8CA 1-4 input 2-8 output video distribution amplifier
EGLC-3 Ground loop correction unit
VAM-2 Video & Audio RF modulator with PSU


Quad video splitters

VBQ-6045 monochrome quad splitter
VCQ-6057 colour quad splitter


EKR Matrix Control Systems

EKR-8/4 8 input 4 output matrix control system
EKR-16/4 16 input 4 output matrix control system
EKR-32/8 32 input 8 output matrix control system
EKR-8/16-4KB Telemetry keyboard
EKR-KB1 Joystick telemetry keyboard


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Our range of digital video multiplexers start from 4 camera inputs and go up to 16 camera inputs.

Our multiplexers also have a range of alarm handling functions to ensure your important camera images are stored to tape should an alarm event occur.