Video Surveillance

Analogue Video Recorders

Recording equipment is essential in most security systems. Today, analogue time-lapse recorders are generally used for this purpose. Depending upon the model, they can record up to 960 hours on one videocassette and provide images with VHS or S-VHS quality. The use of multiplexers or quads makes it possible to record images from different cameras simultaneously on one tape.

The recording time can be varied dependent on requirements. In the event of an alarm, markers are set to make it easy to find the corresponding sequence on the tape. Our time-lapse recorders are inexpensive and economical to maintain, which makes them the ideal solution for long-term archiving.


Mitsubishi HS-1024E 27 hour VHS recorder datasheet (1.14 MB)

Mitsubishi HS-1168E 168 hour VHS recorder datasheet (240 KB)

Mitsubishi HS-S8300E(BRS) 960 hour S-VHS recorder datasheet (502 KB)

Mitsubishi HS-MD3000E 3 hour S-VHS recorder datasheet (358 KB) for medical scientific industrial applications


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VHS Recorders
Our range of Mitsubishi analogue VHS video recorders offer low cost high quality security recordings.
S-VHS Recorders
Our range of Mitsubishi analogue S-VHS video recorders offer the highest resolution analogue security recordings available today.