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5GHz Ethernet
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5GHz Radio Ethernet Bridge

Our high performance wireless Ethernet bridges are the only wireless solution you'll need for deploying a high speed wireless network. With up to 300 Megabits per second of raw data throughput, our 5GHz wireless Ethernet bridge sets the standard in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband wireless networking thereby overcoming line of sight limitations in your networks. Operating in the 5 GHz light license frequency bands, our wireless Ethernet bridge offers the solution for quick installation and true quality of service.

Effortless Installation with Increased Performance

Our wireless Ethernet bridge was specifically designed to operate over long distances. All the electronics are enclosed in an environmentally sealed outdoor unit that also contains the antenna. This outdoor unit effectively reduces installation time and eliminates the cable loss, thereby increasing the range. For long-range links, where the antennae need to be mounted on towers and rooftops, this configuration reduces costly RF cables and improves RF system performance.

Typical Applications

  • Building to Building Bridges
  • Campus Style Bridges
  • Temporary Installations
  • Replacing Copper or Fibre Links

Features & Benefits

  • 54/108Mbps or 300Mbps High Speed Radios
  • On-board site survey tool for easy installation
  • Optimised performance for bridging applications

Download Point-To-Point Datasheet (55 KB)

Download Point-To-Multipoint Datasheet (50 KB)

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Radio Ethernet
Our Radio Ethernet bridge allow you to connect your sites via high speed Ethernet links that are license free and incur no ongoing call charges.

Our 5GHz radios are either licence free for use in the UK or subject to the light licensing scheme from Ofcom, that will usually cost you 50 per year.