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Mitsubishi Electric DS-3000RT Digital Surveillance System

The DS-3000RT offers the latest digital technology for the security user and specifier. The system provides flexible, reliable and consistent surveillance to suit any application.

The MEDSS solution uses the latest advances in technology to bring the maximum benefits to the user:

  • Superior picture quality
  • Fast image capture with no loss of data
  • Synchronisation of cameras
  • Network capabilities for multiple sites
  • Real-time video updates
  • Stereo audio on every channel

The MEDSS solution is easy to use, simple to operate and can be programmed easily to suit your needs. Typical ways in which the MEDSS solution can respond to your needs include:

  • Instant data access whilst recording
  • Easy to find and retrieve data
  • Masking and motion detection

The MEDSS can be demonstrated to generate savings. Over time, the low maintenance and running costs of the system make it cheaper to install and use than traditional time-lapse.


Duplex Operation - MEDSS records motion from the time it is switched on. Duplex operation means that you can playback an incident while the system is still recording. In fact, you can do almost anything on the system and it will still guarantee recording even if it is working to its full potential of 25PPS per camera.

Motion Detection - In order to save memory and review-time the system can be set up to record only when something is happening. These levels are fully configurable by the user and guarantee you only record exactly what you want. Because of this it's even possible to reduce the number of cameras you need. With Analyser you can also search by motion, this means if something was taken you can cut down the time to find out who took it and when.

Searching - One of the main advantages of the MEDSS is its quick and efficient searching. You can search by Time and Date to find what you want much more quickly and effectively than is ever possible with analogue technology.

Play-Back in Sync - With Analyser it is possible to play-back several cameras in sync. This feature allows you to see what is happening in more than one area at the same time.

25 Pictures per Second - Each camera input is capable of 25 pictures per second, using I frame, or a mix of conditional update frames (B and P), which can give realtime recording while still remaining economical storage.

Virtually Maintenance Free - Unlike analogue Timelapse VCRs MEDSS does not require expensive regular servicing.

Networking Ability - MEDSS is fully networkable. It can be connected via LAN, WAN and ISDN. This allows you to view several sites from a central control station.

Access Control - You can control access to the system by both password and/or chip-card. It is totally up to the system manager who he wants to give access to. You can designate user groups and their access rights as you see fit. This also allows you to install covert cameras that can only be viewed by designated groups.

19" Rack Mountable - All of the system components fit in standard 19 inch racks.

Windows platform - The system works on the proven Windows platform.

Transferable Licenses - Once a license is put on a machine it doesn't have to stay there. You can put it back onto a chip-card at any time and use it at another station. This is useful if you are a travelling security manager and don't want to go to your central station every time an incident occurs.

Consistent Picture Quality - With digital you are guaranteed consistent picture quality. The picture grade is set up by the user and is configurable between 1 and 15 Mbps per camera stream.

Encryption - Our system offers one of the highest levels of encryption. Pictures cannot be modified in any way. This system is KALAGATE approved which guarantees its use in British and European courts of law. Each system has its own unique code which means it cannot be accessed or used by 3rd parties. Even images recorded on the system are useless unless you know the unique algorithm.

MPEG2 - Flexible compression method, which allows either full frame (I frame) recording or conditional update.

Composite Video Output (optional) - The system has a composite video and audio output that can be used for viewing on a regular analogue "spot" monitor. This can also be used for transferring incidents onto regular video tape.

System Audit Trail - A full audit trail is available so you can see who did what and when.

First Evidence (optional drive) - The system incorporates a First Evidence export drive. This can be transferred onto CD, DVD or MO. This can be given to the police as evidence. MEDSS uses safety data containers (SDC) that lock away the files so no one can ever modify them.

Ease of Use - The system can be set-up to be as easy to use as you want. It can even be fully automated so you only have to view when you suspect an incident has occurred. VCR type on-screen controls, with digital zoom and onscreen joystick.

DS-3000 VE Merger - The merger receives composite video signals from each camera (up to 8 cameras and audio inputs can be connected to each merger) and sends its output via Ethernet to the main CPU as a digital stream. Each video merger is IP addressable, which gives the ability to situate the merger a greater distance away from the main recording unit. These mergers also have eight logical inputs and outputs which can be used for several functions e.g. an external trigger. Another feature of the merger is an LED visual indication of whether or not a composite video input is being received.

Online Data Storage - Our standard high capacity hard disk arrays offer up to 10TB (10,000GB) of online storage each, 12 of these storage arrays can be connected to each system in an industry standard 19 inch rack, allowing for 120TB (120,000GB) per rack, this will allow you to record for around 2 camera years in the best picture quality possible. In advanced configuration this limit is raised to a theoretical maximum of 368 Exabytes (368,000,000,000 GB) per system, allowing for a theoretical maximum of over 1,000,000 years of storage per camera on a 16 camera system. So as you can see your storage ability is only limited by your budget. This design allows you virtually instantaneous access to all your images. We will configure the data stores in a RAID configuration to guard against data loss in the unlikely event of disk failure, so you can be assured that your data is secure.

Offline Data Storage - Our high capacity 5.25 inch optical UDO disk libraries enable you to store your data for long periods of time, typically 50-100 years. Our libraries can store up to 638x 60GB disks for fully automated backup and retrieval and an unlimited number of disks stored offline, ready for manual retrieval.

Specification DS-3000RT CPU
Maximum number of cameras 32 via 4 VE Mergers
Stereo Audio one stereo channel for each camera
Processor P4-3Ghz or higher
LVD SCSI  2 ports or higher
Duplex Operation Yes
Motion Detection Yes
Sync camera PB Yes
Max number of PPS 25pps per camera input
Password Control up to 3 levels
Chip Card Control Yes (Option)
19" Rack Mountable Yes
Platform Windows XP
Variable Data Stream 1 to 15 Mbps stream per camera
Encryption Yes
Compression Method MPEG2 "I" frame or MPEG2 conditional update
Kalgate Approved Yes
Composite Video Output Yes (Option)
PC Monitor Output Yes
Audit Trail Yes
First Evidence Drive CD, DVD, MO
Searching Date/Time, Mask, Event
Networking LAN, WAN, ISDN
External Memory Unlimited
Tape Backup Yes (Option)
Software add-ons Yes (Option)

MEDSS DS-3000RT system datasheet (1.11 MB)

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High End digital video surveillance
Our digital video surveillance systems brings state of the art security technology to the commercial marketplace.

With DVD quality video available for the first time we can guarantee that the recorded image is as good as the original produced by the camera.

No other system in the world can offer the same range of features and flexibility, with a platform proven in many of the highest profile, high security environments.

Expandable Storage
Our systems allows for unrivalled online data storage via our high capacity storage arrays, our top of the line system can handle unlimited storage requirements via multiple disk arrays.
Recording times
If a 5Mbps stream size is used and 25 images per second are stored you will need approximately 55GB of data storage per day per camera or 1.7TB per month per camera.

If a 3Mbps stream size is used and 25 images per second are stored you will need approximately 33GB of data storage per day per camera or 1TB per month per camera.

If a 2Mbps stream size is used and 25 images per second are stored you will need approximately 22GB of data storage per day per camera or 680GB per month per camera.

If a 1Mbps stream size is used and 25 images per second are stored you will need approximately 11GB of data storage per day per camera or 340GB per month per camera.

So if required our systems can store over one year of constant 25 frames per second per camera video to disk with instant access.

With motion detection active on a typical site you would expect to be recording for only 30% of the time.

Remote access
If required remote access to each system is possible over standard communication networks, with each system CPU being able to access all others via the integral software.

If required we can supply a dedicated workstation to allow access to systems on your network, with full control over live and recorded images, just as if you were at the recorder.

Remote access is also possible via laptop computers if required for mobile users.

High quality manufacture but low priced
Our system is manufactured for us in Europe by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The same people who make the highest quality analogue video recorders available today.

So you can be assured that even though we are able to offer these systems at extremely low prices, this product is of the highest quality construction available today.

This is the system of choice for high security environments such as Airports, Banks, high profile companies and organizations, or anyone who needs high frame rate with unbeatable picture quality.

This is a fifth generation product using the latest MPEG2 technology with a proven track record over many years in some of the highest level security environments in the UK and Europe.

Until recently the costs were too prohibitive for general commercial use, but now thanks to the continuing reduction in the cost of our high capacity data storage devices we feel confident that any company who needs the highest level of surveillance can now afford our high performance solution.