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Mitsubishi DX-TL1600EM Digital Video Recorder

Note: This system has been superseded by the new Mitsubishi range including the DX-NT400E, DX-NT950E & DX-TL2500E models, which have many new features and considerably higher storage capacities.
All DX-TL1600 series systems have fully functional remote access via the Ethernet port, but the interface is not as advanced as the current generation. Therefore we would advise customers wanting to regularly use their system remotely from their personal computers to look at one of the newer models, which have a very powerful user experience available via the included NetHunter software application.
From time to time we get pre-owned units of this popular model back from customers who upgrade to newer models and these are ideal for customers who like to use the high quality digital technology offered by Mitsubishi, but are unable to afford the latest Mitsubishi models.

  • Entry level, user friendly, high resolution 16 channel digital video recorder with transmission of live and recorded images over Ethernet networks.
  • Enhanced motion detection functions for recording only when movement occurs.
  • Digital high-definition 16-way live screen and playback to assure the security of your site.

Recording interval setting for each camera

  • It is possible to set each camera with any one of 5 recording intervals to suit the monitoring application.
  • During an alarm event the recording interval can be switched to provide a shorter record interval for the camera where the event is detected.
  • Alarm events from 2 cameras can be managed simultaneously.

Copy and backup options

  • The Mitsubishi DX-TL1600EM Digital Video Recorder is compatible with HDD, ZIP drive, DVD-RAM and DDS drives.
  • Back up can be performed without stopping recording.
  • An alarm recording may require longer storage than a normal recording, in this case the alarm backup mode can automatically transfer the alarm data to the back up drive connected to the SCSI socket. This will ensure that the important alarm data is isolated from the normal recordings.

Motion detection prevents unnecessary recording and enhances playback efficiency

  • Differences between sequential frames are used to trigger recordings so that recording time is maximised.
  • No external sensors are required leading to reduced installation cost.
  • The detection area and sensitivity can be set for each camera.

Network Interface for efficient monitoring with a personal computer.

  • All Mitsubishi DX-TL1600 series Digital Video Recorders come with built in network capability. The system can communicate with a PC using an Ethernet connection and the included remote viewing software (DX-PC3).
  • This powerful function allows the review of recorded events and live images remotely, along with selection and viewing of multiple cameras just as though the operator was on site

16 Input Multiplexer function for efficient monitoring with multi-screen displays.

  • Full screen, 4, 9 or 16 pictures can be selected for display on the monitor.
  • The built-in multiplexer, continues to record all camera sources regardless of what is selected for display on the monitor.
  • The multiplexer can also provide extra monitoring efficiency by automatically switching display modes at the time of a motion detection alarm.

Recording capacity

Recording capacity with integral 200GB disk array (D=days H=hours M=minutes) 
Picture Grade Superior High Medium Standard Basic
25 Pictures/Sec* 1D 18H 22M 2D 13H 27M 3H 19H 7M 5D 0H 47M 6D 19H 10M
12.5 Pictures/Sec 3D 12H 45M 5D 2H 54M 7D 14H 14M 10D 1H 34M 13D 14H 20M
8.33 Pictures/Sec* 5D 7H 8M 7D 16H 21M 11D 9H 21M 15D 2H 22M 20D 9H 30M
6.25 Pictures/Sec 7D 1H 31M 10D 5H 49M 15D 4H 29M 20D 3H 9M 27D 4H 41M
5.0 Pictures/Sec* 8D 19H 54M 12D 19H 16M 18D 23H 36M 25D 3H 56M 33D 23H 51M
4.17 Pictures/Sec 10D 14H 17M 15D 8H 43M 22D 18H 43M 30D 4H 44M 40D 19H 1M
2.5 Pictures/Sec 17D 15H 49M 25D 14H 32M 37D 23H 13M 50D 7H 53M 67D 23H 42M
1 Pictures/Sec 42D 9H 10M 61D 10H 54M 91D 2H 55M 120D 18H 56M 163D 4H 7M
Number of Pictures 3,810,000 5,530,000 8,190,000 10,860,000 14,660,000 
* Not possible to select if motion detection is active

Advanced digital recording and playback functions

  • Date & time search, alarm list search, skip search, index search and camera filtering search for high speed retrieval of recordings in less than 0.7 seconds. 
    Jog & shuttle with dual function control for scene selection and easy menu operation.
  • Forward and reverse slow motion, frame by frame, quick playback and still frame.
  • Pre-alarm images are continuously stored so that recording can be started in advance of the alarm trigger.
  • Image files carry a 'watermark' that identifies it as an original image, free from tampering. 
    All set-up parameters can be password-locked to prevent accidental or intentional tampering.


Main Recording Medium
120GB or 200GB HDD as standard, possible to expand up to a maximum of 400GB.

External Recording Medium
Connection via external SCSI-2 port.
External recording 200GB disk array
Backup/copying: DDS-2, DDS-3, MO, ZIP, DVD-RAM

Video System
PAL system.

Signal Compression System
JPEG system: Sampling system 13.5 MHZ
Compression unit: Field.

Number of Picture Elements Processed
684 x 288 pixels (5 picture grade).

Video Terminals
Input: 16 input channels BNC 1Vp-p 75Ohm
Output: 16 output channels BNC 1Vp-p 75Ohm
Monitor Output: 3 monitor channels 2x BNC 1Vp-p 75Ohm & 1x S-VHS Y/C

Horizontal Resolution
More than 450 lines (superior or high mode)

Recording Interval
Can be set for each camera with function to estimate recording time possible.

Timer Recording
8 independent programs with 3 patterns
Operational settings of days of the week (Monday - Sunday, every day and specified days of the week)
Camera operation with 3 patterns, basic recording interval, backup, skip, power and motion detection.

Alarm Recording
Recording time: 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and contact input.

Pre-alarm Recording
Pre-alarm time is adjusted in 3 stages, long, middle and short.

Power Failure Recovery Recording
Auto-start of unit after power failure.

User Capacity Display
Displays percentage of hard disk space used.

Menu Display
DX-TL1600E: English.
DX-TL1600EM: English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish.

Motion Detection Function
For each camera (detection area setting, detection sensitivity setting, recording start dot number setting)
Recording interval: Maximum 12.5 frames.

Timer Adjusting Function
Time adjusting input (back terminal).

Time date search, index search, skip search, alarm list search.

I/O Terminal
External device connecting terminal (SCSI-2/half pitch 50 pins).

Multiplexer Function
Division display: 4, 9, 16 divisions
Sequential display: possible with 1/4/9 screen.

Remote Access Interface
RS-232C (D-SUB 9 pins)
10 base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
Note: Interfaces do not work simultaneously

Power Supply
AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption
Rated input 1.0-0.5A (100-240V)

Guarantee at Power Failure
31 days (when vanadium/lithium secondary battery is fully charged)

Operational Conditions
Temperature: 5C-40C
Humidity: 30%-80%
Altitude: Max 2000m

Width 425mm x Depth 380mm x Height 113mm


Mitsubishi DX-TL1600EM original specification datasheet (560KB)
Note: This datasheet is out of date all machines now come with 120GB or 200GB of memory internally with the option of installing an additional 200GB using external drive arrays, bringing the total capacity to 400GB. For larger memory configuration please have a look at the new DX-TL2500E, which can be configured to use up to 12TB (12,000GB) of storage.

Mitsubishi DX-TL1600EM Installation & Operation manual (916KB)

Mitsubishi DX-TL1600 series independent review (29KB)

Mitsubishi PC-DX3 remote access software for DX-TL1600 series (3,384KB)

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Mitsubishi quality digital video recording
The Mitsubishi DX-TL1600 series digital video recorder brings digital video time lapse recording to the masses, with high quality images.
Remote Access
The DX-TL1600 series allows remote access to live or recorded images over standard Ethernet based networks via the included DX-PC3 software.
High quality manufacture but low priced
The DX-TL1600 series is manufactured in Japan by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The same people who make the highest quality analogue video recorders available today.

So you can be assured that even though we are able to offer these units at extremely low prices, this product is of the highest quality construction available today.