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Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E
Digital Surveillance Products

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Digital Video Recorder

The DX-TL5000E is the new flagship 16 channel DVR from Mitsubishi, with JPEG2000 compression providing a massive 200PPS mixed multi-resolution recording, can be cascaded to 16 DVRs to support 256 cameras from one system, and up to 60TB (60,000GB) of memory storage/per DVR. The DX-TL5000 supports real time triplex monitoring at 800pps. The JPEG 2000 compression software used in the DX-TL5000 allows for 30% more compression while dramatically improving picture quality and data recovery. Mitsubishi design and manufacture their own hardware that ensures that Mitsubishi DVRs are immune from Viruses and spare parts will available for many years. The HDDs only store the recorded footage and not the operating systems, this allows faulty HDDs to be easily identified and replaced in the field without removing the DVR from the installation. The Microsoft Windows application software (Supplied Free of Charge) allows many Mitsubishi DVRs to be simultaneously controlled and remotely monitored via the Internet. This concept can eliminate the need to incorporate expensive video switch matrixes and allows for smart remote control of PTZ cameras and has very efficient network bandwidth management.

DX-TL5000E Features

1. JPEG2000

  • The DX-TL5000E uses the latest compression method, JPEG2000 for improved video quality and compression efficiency. JPEG2000 is more stable with moving images than previous MPEG methods used and can also provide a more accurate estimation of maximum recording time.

2. Triplex Recording

  • The DX-TL5000E features triplex recording, allowing for the playback of data and display of live images whilst recording current data.

3. Dual Multiplexer Output

  • Two multiplexer outputs make it possible to display both different live cameras with multi-screen formats and different recorded playback images onto two monitor displays.

4. Cascading Connection

  • If connecting two or more DX-TL5000Es, one unit can be set up as a master connected to the monitor outputs, with the other DX-TL5000Es just connected to the master but with live images and sound being displayed on the monitors.

Key Features

  • Multiple HDD options
  • Triplex operation
  • Recording rates of up to 200pps
  • Viewing rates of up to 800pps
  • JPEG2000 compression
  • Covert Camera function
  • Dual Multiplexer Outputs
  • Copy options including in-built DVD/CD Drive, Serial Bus & SCSI interface
  • Multi-channel audio recording
  • Networking capability for remote viewing and archiving
  • Motion Detection
  • Advanced search functions
  • Graphical User Interface menus including help function
  • Individual recording settings
  • Cascading connection


Recording capacity

Approximate Recording capacity with integral 500GB disk drive (D=days H=hours)
Picture Grade Superior Fine High Standard Basic Long
200 Pictures/Sec 0D 16H 0D 19H 0D 23H 1D 6H 1D 17H 2D 18H
100 Pictures/Sec 1D 9H 1D 15H 1D 23H 2D 12H 3D 11H 5D 13H
66.7 Pictures/Sec 2D 1H 2D 10H 2D 23H 3D 18H 5D 5H 8D 8H
50 Pictures/Sec 2D 18H 3D 6H 3D 23H 5D 1H 6D 23H 11D 3H
40 Pictures/Sec 3D 11H 4D 2H 4D 23H 6D 7H 8D 17H 13D 22H
33.33 Pictures/Sec 4D 2H 4D 20H 5D 22H 7D 12H 10D 12H 16D 16H
25 Pictures/Sec 5D 11H 6D 11H 7D 21H 10D 0H 14D 00H 22D 5H
16 Pictures/Sec 8D 15H 10D 4H 12D 9H 15D 19H 21D 17H 34D 20H
13 Pictures/Sec 10D 15H 12D 12H 15D 6H 19D 10H 26D 18H 42D 20H
10 Pictures/Sec 13D 19H 16D 6H 19D 19H 25D 6H 35D 18H 55D 18H
8 Pictures/Sec 17D 7H 20D 9H 24D 18H 31D 14H 43D 11H 69D 16H
4 Pictures/Sec 34D 14H 40D 18H 49D 13H 63D 4H 86D 23H 139D 9H
2 Pictures/Sec 69D 4H 81D 12H 99D 3H 126D 8H 173D 23H 278D 19H
1 Pictures/Sec 138D 8H 163D 0H 198D 6H 252D 16H 347D 23H 557D 14H
0.5 Pictures/Sec 276D 17H 326D 1H 396D 12H 505D 9H 695D 23H 1115D 4H
0.25 Pictures/Sec 553D 11H 652D 2H 793D 0H 1010D 19H 1391D 22H 2230D 8H
0.125 Pictures/Sec 1106D 22H 1304D 4H 1586D 0H 2021D 14H 2783D 20H 4460D 16H
Total Picture Number 11,952,000 14,082,000 17,126,000 21,830,000 30,064,000 48,172,000
* The picture number for Frame recording doubles when using Field recording settings.


Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Datasheet (2.3 MB)
Note: This datasheet is out of date all machines now come with a minimum of 750GB up to a maximum of 8.0TB (8,000GB) internally and 64TB (64,000GB) using external drive arrays.

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Independent Review (163 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E User Manual (1.09 MB)
Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Installer Manual (2.87 MB)

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Storage Capacity Calculator (24 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Large Front Picture (406 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Large Rear Picture (607 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Large Left Picture (437 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E Large Right Picture (457 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-ZD5UE External Drive Box Picture (16 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-ZD5UE External Drive Box Datasheet (2 MB)
Mitsubishi DX-ZD5UE External Drive Box Manual (342 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-KB5UE Operator Keyboard Picture (17 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-KB5UE Operator Keyboard Datasheet (2 MB)
Mitsubishi DX-KB5UE Operator Keyboard Manual (358 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E RS232 Commands (341 KB)

DX-PC200E Datasheet (441 KB)
DX-PC200E User Manual (3,261 KB)
DX-PC200E for Windows XP/Vista/7 (V.115 58 MB)
Note: DX-PC200E is the software package written by Mitsubishi Electric Japan for the worldwide market, DX-PC200E allows an operator to connect to multiple DX-NT400E, DX-TL950E, DX-TL2500E, DX-TL4509E, DX-TL4516E, DX-TL5000E, DX-TL304E, DX-TL308E & DX-TL5716E DVRs. DX-PC200E is now included as standard with all compatible Mitsubishi DVRs bought from us.

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Professional business digital video recording
The Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E brings digital video time lapse recording another step forward, with new high tech features and massive storage capacities.
Remote Access
The Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E allows remote access to live or recorded images over standard Ethernet based networks via the integral web sever or Windows software application.
High quality manufacture but reasonably priced
The DX-TL5000 16 channel digital video recorder is designed in Japan by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The same people who make the highest quality analogue video recorders available today.

So you can be assured that even though we are able to offer these units at affordable prices, this product is of the highest quality construction available today.