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Mitsubishi DX-TL5716E
Digital Surveillance Products

Mitsubishi DX-TL5716E Digital Video Recorder

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the DX-TL5716E MPEG-4 digital video recorder to its comprehensive range of digital security products.

The new DX-TL5716E is a high specification yet affordably priced 16 channel DVR that utilises the latest MPEG-4 compression providing reliable 24/7 surveillance and real time recording up to 400 frames per second.

Designed as a industrial and robust solution the DX-TL5716E can be installed into virtually any location. With a removable front panel for HDD access, up to two high-capacity HDDs are accommodated inside this unit to ensure a user friendly and easily maintained DVR. It also supports multiple protocols: pan, tilt and zoom control of PTZ dome cameras.

Versatile Monitoring, Recording & Archiving
High Reliability & High Picture Quality
Simple, User-friendly Setup & Operation

DX-TL5716E Features

1. MPEG-4 assures efficiency and quality

  • Powerful MPEG-4 compression results in extended recording hours - at up to 400 frames per second - through more efficient use of storage capacity, while maintaining high picture quality for clear identification of details.

2. New GUI design simplifies operation

  • Intuitive operation is offered by the clear interface with large icons. All operations, including selecting and copying footage to external storage, can be performed easily using a mouse.

3. Cascading Connection

  • If connecting two or more DX-TL5716Es, one unit can be set up as a master connected to the monitor outputs, with the other DX-TL5716Es just connected to the master but with live images and sound being displayed on the monitors.

Key Features

USB interface for simple copying

  • Thanks to simple on-screen prompts, it is easy to select clips from the data recorded on HDD and quickly copy them to an external USB device for archiving or transfer.

Removable front panel for easy HDD access

  • Up to two high-capacity HDDs are accommodated inside the unit, which offer easy access for maintenance.

Wide protocol support for PTZ

  • The DX-TL5716E supports multiple protocols for pan, tilt and zoom control of many brands of dome camera.
  • Coax : PELCO, BBV

Other features

  • Ideal replacement for legacy VCR equipment
  • Interfaces: RS422/RS232 (2-pin wire) for PTZ camera control; RS232C (9-pin, D-sub) for DVR control (e.g. DX-KB5UE); and USB for connecting a mouse or external storage devices (e.g. DX-ZD5UE/ZD6UE)
  • Dual multiplexer outputs for simultaneous monitoring of live and recorded footage on separate monitors
  • D1 resolution or 2 channel screen output to XGA monitor
  • Menus available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Russian
  • Support for SNTP (protocol for network-based time synchronisation)
  • RoHS compliant


Mitsubishi DX-TL304E/308E/5716E Brochure (8.19 MB)
Note: This datasheet is out of date all machines now come with a minimum of 750GB up to a maximum of 4.0TB (4,000GB) internally and 68TB (68,000GB) using external drive arrays.

Mitsubishi DX-TL5716E User Manual (448 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-TL5716E Installation Manual (4.11 MB)

Mitsubishi DX-ZD5UE External Drive Box Picture (16 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-ZD5UE External Drive Box Datasheet (2 MB)
Mitsubishi DX-ZD5UE External Drive Box Manual (342 KB)

Mitsubishi DX-KB5UE Operator Keyboard Picture (17 KB)
Mitsubishi DX-KB5UE Operator Keyboard Datasheet (2 MB)
Mitsubishi DX-KB5UE Operator Keyboard Manual (358 KB)

DXV60 for Windows XP/Vista/7 (500 KB)
Note: This software is a plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to view MPEG-4 video.

DX-Viewer for Windows XP/Vista/7 (Version 200089 3.24 MB)
Note: This software is player software that allows you to view MPEG-4 video on your computer after it has been downloaded from the DVR to USB memory stick. Please copy the folder to your personal computer before trying to view the recorded data and double-click ViewerSetup.exe. Please log in to Windows as a user who has the administrator authority when you do so.

DX-PC200E Datasheet (441 KB)
DX-PC200E User Manual (3,261 KB)
DX-PC200E for Windows XP/Vista/7 (V.115 58 MB)
Note: DX-PC200E is the software package written by Mitsubishi Electric Japan for the worldwide market, DX-PC200E allows an operator to connect to multiple DX-NT400E, DX-TL950E, DX-TL2500E, DX-TL4509E, DX-TL4516E, DX-TL5000E, DX-TL304E, DX-TL308E & DX-TL5716E DVRs. DX-PC200E is now included as standard with all compatible Mitsubishi DVRs bought from us.

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Professional business digital video recording
The Mitsubishi DX-TL5716E brings digital video time lapse recording another step forward, with new high tech features and massive storage capacities for an affordable price.
Remote Access
The Mitsubishi DX-TL5716E allows remote access to live or recorded images over standard Ethernet based networks via the integral web server or Windows software application.
High quality manufacture but reasonably priced
The DX-TL5716E 16 channel digital video recorder is designed in Japan by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The same people who make the highest quality analogue video recorders available today.

So you can be assured that even though we are able to offer these units at affordable prices, this product is of the highest quality construction available today.