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Video surveillance equipment

Video Cameras & Lenses
  We supply a wide range of video cameras for most overt, discrete and covert applications, with a range of complimentary camera lenses including fixed focal length, varifocal and motorzoom formats.

Weatherproof Camera Housings
  Our range of weatherproof camera housings keep your systems operating in the harshest environments.

Functional Domes and Pan Tilt Units
  Our fully functional dome cameras include the latest dual mode colour and monochrome camera technology to give you high quality pictures day and night. Our camera pan and tilt heads allow for full remote control of standard surveillance cameras.

Video Monitors & Projectors
  From monochrome CRT monitors to high end colour TFT and Plasma video monitors and high power video projectors, we are confident we can find a display unit for your video application.

Video Processing Equipment
  From simple video switchers to multi-user control stations and matrix switchers, we have the system for your application.

Digital Video Recorders
  We supply a wide range of Digital Video Recorders from Mitsubishi, Eneo and other manufacturers. From four to sixteen cameras per recorder and it is possible to cascade up to sixteen recorders to create a 256 camera system with ease.

Video Printers
  Our range of Mitsubishi video printers allow you to instantly produce hard copy evidence from your video surveillance system.

Infra Red & White Light Illuminators
  Our range of LED based Infra Red & White Light illuminators allow for overt, covert and discrete installation with our 950nm units completely invisible to the human eye.

Thermal Imaging Cameras
  Our range of cooled and un-cooled Thermal Imaging cameras, that allow you to see people and objects in zero lux environments. These camera are ideal for perimeter and border protection applications.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  The automated optical recognition has been something long since strived for by CCTV manufacturers. However, it has only been until very recently that camera technology has been fused with advances in computer processing power and the development of "Smart" algorithmic software to finally deliver such an important solution.

Network video surveillance equipment

Axis Network Surveillance Equipment
  Axis' network surveillance equipment provides an easy way to capture and distribute live images over a network or the Internet using a standard Web browser.

Eneo Network Cameras
  Megapixel, H.264 compression, ONVIF conformance these three terms by themselves show that the latest eneo network cameras are state-of-the-art. And this is with a cost-effectiviness unique in the sector. But cameras in the NXC and NXD Series have far more to offer.

NVRmini Network Video Recorder
  With a Linux-embedded system, the NVRmini platform offers the most stable, open, easy installation that is free from virus attack, and is appropriate for factories, buildings, retailers, homes, banks, hotels and city surveillance.

VideoJet Network Video Equipment
  VideoJet MPEG-4 and H.264 encoders and decoders combined the VIDOS surveillance software solutions, allow for fast efficient video transmission over standard Ethernet networks, with State-of-the-Art Network Video Recorder features, making DVD quality video a reality for your security applications. Why settle for second best when you can have VideoJet.

Radio video transmission equipment

Analogue radio video transmission
  Our low cost Professional UK approved and licence exempt 5.8GHz Analogue radio video transmission system.

Digital 2.4GHz radio video transmission
  Our 2.4GHz Digital radio video transmission system, with up to 80 cameras per link, serial telemetry and bi-directional audio option.

Digital 5GHz radio video transmission
  Our top of the line broadcast quality 5GHz High Bandwidth Digital radio video transmission system, with up to 400 cameras per link, serial telemetry and bi-directional audio option.

Access, Intruder, Fire & Safety

Access Control systems
  From single door to multi-site linked systems, we have a range of mag-stripe, proximity and barcode devices to enable easy secure access to your site, as well as individual PIN code access keypads.

Audio & Video Entry systems
  Our range of entry phone systems are ideal for all commercial and residential applications.
Telecode public telephone entry systems with remote site management of user telephone numbers and PIN code from our office server via dialup PSTN.

Gates, Barriers & Rising Bollards
  When combined with our electronic card and entry systems we can provide completely automated access to your site.
  Remote site management of access devices and PIN codes for multi-tenanted buildings.

PhotoID systems
  Our PhotoID system allow you to product your own company identification to help keep unwanted visitors out of your secure areas.

Intruder Detection & Alarm systems
  Our intruder detection systems for commercial and residential applications allow instant notification of alarm conditions over secure communication lines.
  Our external perimeter monitoring systems allow for the detection of intruders before they gain access to your secure buildings.

Fire Detection & Alarm systems
  Our fire detection systems are suitable for the smallest or largest site, with full interconnect with access control and intruder alarm system allowing for immediate automated notification and evacuation of your personnel.

Staff Safety systems
  Our staff safety system are ideal for medical, industrial and commercial applications where lone workers or high risk staff need to instantly signal for assistance.

Communication systems

Radio Ethernet
  Our TeleGuard family of Radio Ethernet products are built for rugged external applications and include features usually only found on high-end bridge routers.

Radio Paging
  Our radio paging systems allow time critical messages to be sent over your own network infrastructure providing low cost communications, with City, State or National coverage for a fraction of the cost voice communication systems.

Private Mobile Radio
  For onsite or private wide area applications, we can build your private network infrastructure for voice communications.

IP Telephone systems
  IP PBXs are the very latest in VoIP and Internet technology to provide a fully integrated data and voice solution for your business. Our reliability and ease of use enables you to switch your business over to VoIP, taking advantage of the huge cost savings and vast flexibility that VoIP can offer.

Digital Cordless Telephone
  Digital Cordless Telephone systems using the latest DECT technology allow your staff to be contactable whilst on the move. Our systems can cater for single or multi-site applications, with automated roaming from cell to cell, just like the National networks offer.


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VideoJet & VIDOS
Our VideoJet based MPEG-4 & H.264 network video transmission systems allow you to transmit DVD quality video at 25fps over your standard office networks.

When combined with the powerful VIDOS software application VideoJet becomes a fully digital CCTV matrix.

VIDOS-NVR adds Network Video Recording, with up to 64 cameras and 192TB of data storage per Recorder.

New Generation Digital Video Recorder
The Mitsubishi DX-TL5000E high end digital video security surveillance system allows instant access to all your video data, with frame rates of 200fps per 16 cameras in JPEG2000 quality, stackable up to 256 cameras per system, with up to 60TB of online storage.
Entry level digital video recording
The DX-TL4516E entry level 16 channel digital video recorder with up to 4,000GB of online storage internally, at a price any security conscious user can afford.