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Eneo Network Cameras
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Eneo Network Cameras

NXC camera

ONVIF Conformance: eneo Megapixel IP Cameras

Megapixel, H.264 compression, ONVIF conformance these three terms by themselves show that the latest eneo network cameras are state-of-the-art. And this is with a cost-effectiviness unique in the sector. But cameras in the NXC and NXD Series have far more to offer.

Various Features
The NXC covers network cameras, the NXD Series fixed domes. Both series have a choice of four versions: with one or two megapixels, and each with and without a removable IR cut filter. In addition to MJPEG, all models offer the efficient H.264 compression that gives high picture quality with low bandwidth requirements. The resolution, frame rate and bit rate can be individually configured for up to four multiple video streams. The resolution of the 1-megapixel models lies at 1280x720 pixels, that of 2-megapixel models at 1600x1200 pixels. Of course, a megapixel resolution is not necessary for all applications. Requirements are constantly increasing though, and whenever persons or objects are to be clearly identified a resolution is required that goes beyond that of an analogue camera at 704x576 pixels. Example: when merely the movement is to be monitored in a supermarket, PAL resolution is sufficient. However, if the faces are to be clearly identifiable, eneo cameras are the better choice. The 1/3 Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor in particular also clearly reproduces quickly moving objects and persons.

Use in multi-vendor systems
Cameras and domes in the NXC and NXD Series support that ONVIF standard that guarantees products from different manufacturers can exchange information so and they can therefore be installed along with each other in a multi-vendor system. The following functions are currently supported: device identification and management, media configuration, IP configuration, event handling, real-time display, PTZ control, security setting and video analysis.

Relevant regions in close view
The ROI (Region of Interest) function allows particularly important regions to be designated. The corresponding signals are then transmitted at a high frame rate, resolution, bit rate and picture quality in the primary stream. Region sizes are individually configurable. Therefore, for instance, a camera can capture the complete point of sale in a supermarket and transmit it by MJPEG stream. Simultaneously though, the cash register itself can be defined as a region of interest so that the transactions made there are displayed on a different monitor in higher signal quality over a H.264 stream. This means that the high resolution and picture quality of an eneo camera allows it to replace two cameras that would otherwise have to be used to monitor the larger zone. In combination with the intelligent motion detector, even large areas can be monitored. Additionally, the digital PTZ function allows a close eye to be kept on relevant imagery areas without having to physically move the camera. This is achieved by merely clicking on the relevant region in the screen area and the camera image pans to the intended target.

Easy and flexible installation
NXD Series fixed domes can be wall as well as ceiling mounted and their vandalism-proof housing with IP66 protection rating makes them the ideal choice for outside areas. They come with an integral varifocal lens with a focal length of 3-9mm and a light sensitivity of 1.3 Lux at F1.2 (measured with a 50% video signal). The two series offer recording security with optional backup on SD card. This local recording is automatically activated when a movement is detected or an alarm triggered. This means recordings for an event are not lost even in a power failure. Power is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or an external power unit to give maximum installation flexibility. Additionally, the Easy Focus function also contributes towards putting the system into operation simply and user-friendly.

NXD camera

Traditional Body Cameras

NLC-1401 colour and monochrome network camera 704x576
NXC-1401M colour Megapixel network camera 1280x720
NXC-1402M colour Megapixel network camera 1600x1200
NXC-1301M colour and monochrome Megapixel network camera 1280x720
NXC-1302M colour and monochrome Megapixel network camera 1600x1200
Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras
NLD-1401 colour and monochrome network dome camera 704x576
with 2.8-12mm DC lens (81.2-22.6 degrees)
NXD-1401M colour Megapixel network dome camera 1280x720
with 3-9mm Megapixel DC lens (77.4-29.8 degrees)
NXD-1402M colour Megapixel network dome camera 1600x1200
with 3-9mm Megapixel DC lens (77.4-29.8 degrees)
NXD-1301M colour and monochrome Megapixel network dome camera 1280x720
with 3-9mm Megapixel DC lens (77.4-29.8 degrees)
NXD-1302M colour and monochrome Megapixel network dome camera 1600x1200
with 3-9mm Megapixel DC lens (77.4-29.8 degrees)
Fully Functional PTZF Dome Cameras
NTD-6101/18 colour and monochrome PTZF network dome camera 720x576
with 18x motorzoom lens 4.1-73.8mm lens (48 - 2.8 degrees)
Video Encoders
NLS-1401 single channel network video encoder 720x576
Recording & Management Software
NIMRA Standalone recording and management software for up to 16 cameras
NUMINA Client/Server recording and management software for up to 64 cameras

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Network Video Recorders
A Network Video Recorder takes the video data from a network camera and stores this data to a hard drive for replay over the network. So you do not need a keyboard and monitor connected to the NVR as all functions are performed over the network.

Just connect to the NVR server from your normal Microsoft Windows PC running Internet Explorer or a custom software application.

Central Management System
The NVR-based Central Management System (CMS) is a powerful system designed for large-scale and high level enterprise projects. The CMS supports unlimited cameras, I/O device, POS, servers and users. The controls and operation of CMS is clear cut and map centric. It has a powerful alarm management system and can control unlimited matrices viewing consoles in the centralized control room. CMS Matrix offers a video wall for users to get video and manage alarm efficiently and instantly.