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TeleGuard® 24 Channel Network Video WebServer

The Original Internet WebCam with full Pan, Tilt & Zoom functionality now in it's fourth generation 

Our TeleGuard® 24 Channel Network Video Webserver is a stand alone network video server connecting standard analogue video devices such as surveillance cameras to a computer network. Our TeleGuard® Video Webserver has HTTP server and JAVA software embedded for Browser operation. In addition our TeleGuard® Video Webserver has enhanced multi-channel features allowing fast and widespread transmission of live images from all of its 24 video inputs.

Video surveillance has been implemented by many industries to which the benefits of visual monitoring are paramount. By bridging analogue video systems to the digital world, our TeleGuard® Video WebServer is able to bring these benefits to a new arena: computer networks. The result, visual information previously confined to specialist viewing stations, can now be seen on a standard PC across the great expanse of wide-area, or even global, networks. Think about all those LANs, WANs, Intranets, Extranets, phone lines, ISDN lines and even the Internet, already in place and all able to transmit your video.

Using advanced image acquisition, compression and transmission hardware integrated into an all-in-one box solution, our TeleGuard® Video WebServer is able to deliver up to 30 high quality images every second over an Ethernet network to a desktop PC. Alternatively, in a gallery mode, our TeleGuard® Video WebServer can display images from all of the connected cameras simultaneously.

Our TeleGuard® 24 Channel Network Video WebServer is designed to be simple yet powerful. This means no monitor, keyboard and mouse are required.

Our TeleGuard® Video WebServer runs on a real-time multi-tasking operating system providing fully automated operation. A simple box with standard camera and network connections (optional ISDN or PSTN too); just plug in, switch on and go. There’s no costly specialist software to install to see the images either. All you need is a desktop computer running a browser package (we recommend Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer). Type in the address (URL) of the Web Server and the images arrive.

Comprehensive administration utilities are included in the TeleGuard® Video WebServer, providing complete remote control of many video functions and, when fitted, pan-tilt units. Even the network configuration can be changed via the network. In fact, once installed there is no reason to ever attend the TeleGuard® Video WebServer in person again.

Simply put, with our TeleGuard® 24 Channel Video WebServer you can view your video cameras where you want, how you want and when you want. 

Video Input
24 loop-through auto-terminating 1V pk-pk video BNC inputs
Pal (768 x 576) or NTSC (640 x 480)
625 line 50Hz or 525 line 60Hz video 
Colour or monochrome
LED indicating active video for each input on front panel

Pentium IV 1.6GHz processor
128Mb RAM
10GB HDD expandable to 320GB
Room for up to four fixed drives
Fault LED on front panel

10/100-base-T Ethernet (auto sensing) through RJ-45 port
· standard routers
· serial T/A
· serial modem

Image format
Image subsampling ratios
· x1 – 768 x 576 (640 x 480)
· x2 – 384 x 288 (320 x 240)
· x4 – 192 x 144 (160 x 120)
· x8 – 96 x 72 (80 x 60)
User Configurable
· compression (JPEG)
· contrast
· saturation
· brightness
· hue

· 1 channel 30 images/sec
· 4 channels 12 images/sec
· 8 channels 8 images/sec
· 16 channels 4 images/sec
· 24 channels 2 images/sec

Communication ports
2 RS-232 ports
· configuration
· serial modem or T/A
Optional RS-485 port:
· pan, tilt & zoom controls

Temp: 0-50°C
Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
IP Rating: IP20
EMC: Unit complies with relevant CE and FCC regulations

100V to 240V AC at 50Hz to 60Hz 
“On/Off” isolation switch
· visible indicator on front and rear
· Standard IEC connector

Physical dimensions
Width: 430 mm
Height: 130 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Weight: 12Kg
Desktop or rack mountable

Software features
100 simultaneous image request connections
· Image serving through Java video servlets
Fully-featured embedded web server
· Web-based configuration and administration
Manual configuration file upload
Local serial or remote terminal sessions

Browser support
Netscape Navigator via Server-push
Microsoft Internet Explorer via ActiveX control
Any Java compatible browser via Java player

Optional accessories
19” rack mount kit (3U)
Pan, tilt & zoom software module
Image recording software module
Alarm input interface and software module
Static camera kits
Pan, tilt & zoom camera kits
Fully functional dome camera kits
WebCast broadcast server (1U)

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New for 2002
Our new 24 channel video web server offers up to 30 pictures per second and full recording and playback functionality.
100 user capability
Our new 24 channel video web server can handle up to 100 simultaneous users.