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Network Surveillance Products

VIDOS the intelligent video management software system

With VIDOS you can receive, decode, display and record multiple video signals from any IP network (LAN, WAN) together with audio and other transparent data. You can manage the data easily thus guaranteeing best possible reaction in case of an alarm.

VIDOS is very easy to use with its intuitive site-map-based format. All relevant maps and alarm plans are automatically called up whenever an alarm is triggered.

VIDOS's touring and patrolling functions support automatic camera switching for a virtual guard tour. Its alarm stack enables professional alarm handling at different workstations and its comprehensive database records all alarm messages and processing steps for later analysis.

A job scheduler sets up pre-defined automatic recording procedures and an archive facility provides numerous options for replaying, analysing, reporting and printing the collected data.


  • All-in-one alarm center solution for CCTV and facility management
  • Matrix features for grouping and managing cameras
  • Automated tasks for recording and guard tours
  • Full remote control
  • Extendible to Network Video Recorder functionality with VIDOS-NVR modules
  • Comprehensive data base for users, servers, maps, alarm measures, reports etc.
  • Alarm stacks
  • Sophisticated features for playback of simultaneous recordings from multiple sites
  • Support of multicasting capability

Technical Data - System Requirements

IBM Compatible Personal Computer

Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or higher

256 MByte for higher

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or higher

Graphics Card
ATI RADEON 8500 or 9500, NVIDIA GeForce 3 or 4, Matrox Parhelia or similar

Ethernet Card
100 MBit

Sound Card
Standard sound card

DirectX 8.1

Technical Data - Software Features

Tree View
Explorer style resource tree (completely user configurable)

Connection control by drag&drop
User definable video windows
Built-in electronic zoom function (MPEG-4)
Simultaneous viewing of several video streams
Full screen mode viewing
On-screen dialog box or in-picture dialog for ptz camera control
Multiple, user definable workspaces
Window snap function
Addition of multiple external monitors
JPEG snapshot overview of all connected devices

Scan Network
Autoscan function over the complete network
JPEG snapshot overview of all devices
Activation of devices by drag&drop into the tree
Remote upload of devices through LAN/WAN
Scan result copy to a clipboard by mouse click

Site Maps
Built-in site map editor
Definition of background graphics (bitmaps)
User definable symbols with programmable click functions, e.g. Hyperlinks
Placing of fully scalable software monitors
Support of external hardware monitors
Automatic activation of alarm camera possible

User groups for user rights management
Setting of device properties
Setting of device COMs for remote camera control
Programming of preset sequences

Trigger and Alarm
Creation of logical triggers
Scheduler with definable time spans
Alarm stack log saving
Programming of different jobs on alarm triggering
Integrated alarm testing button
Action plans for alarm handling

Recording to on-site storage media (e.g. VideoJet 1000HD)
Simultaneous recording of video, audio and transparent data
Scheduled and alarm recording
Ring recording function per camera
Synchronous playback of multiple cameras
JPEG-snapshot recording

Network Video Recording (option)
Full NVR functionality and advanced recording features by implementation of VIDOS-NVR modules


VIDOS Datasheet (319KB)

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VIDOS the intelligent video management software system
Run your CCTV system the way you want to with VIDOS the intelligent all-in-one management system.

Ideal for set-up, administration and day-to-day management of networked CCTV systems

Mix and match digital and existing analogue components. From S to XXL - VIDOS is fully scalable to any number of cameras and any storage requirements

For recording and playback, VIDOS integrates seamlessly with our VIDOS-NVR networked video recorder and features simultaneous recording, searching and playback of multiple cameras

VIDOS-NVR Network Video Recorder
VIDOS-NVR adds networked video recording to VIDOS and VIDOS-Pro.

Each unit can record up to 64 channels of MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video data; the system can be extended to support any number of cameras just by adding the appropriate number of VIDOS-NVR units

VIDOS-NVR uses standard PC servers with attached RAID disk arrays, featuring a price/performance ratio dramatically superior to DVRs

It includes the patented ANR technology which ensures recording even if the network is down