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2.4GHz Digital Radio
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2.4GHz Digital Radio
Video Surveillance

TeleGuard® 2.4GHz Digital Radio Video Transmission System

Our TeleGuard® 2.4GHz Digital Radio Video Transmission system eliminates the constraints of conventional wired CCTV systems offering you wireless digital technology and cost-effective multi camera operation.

A unique combination of high performance and value for money positions our system as the compelling alternative to licensed analogue transmission systems.

Our system is designed for rapid, cost-effective installation. The use of secure wireless technology enables installations to be completed without excavation for cable laying and frequently eliminates the need for disruptive and costly road works. Traditional challenges to cabling such as rivers, railways, navigation of adjoining property, etc are removed providing a truly flexible solution.

Wireless CCTV offers significant advantages for applications including:

  • Town centre monitoring
  • Railway safety and security
  • Road traffic monitoring
  • Number plate recognition
  • Car park security
  • Cross harbour/river systems
  • Construction site security
  • Industrial park security
  • Inaccessible locations
  • Temporary installations
  • Surveillance of private premises, estates and building entrances
  • Bank, department store and warehouse supervision
  • Medical supervision and tele-diagnosis
  • Tourism - remote weather checking, theme park security, etc.

Our system adopts a fully modular approach capable of delivering up to 80 camera links. It can form the basis of larger networks as demand increases or additional funding becomes available. Our system is a low-cost expandable solution attracting no ongoing costs for licensing or leased lines. It is IP addressable, allowing users to securely dial in from remote PC's away from the control room or even from home!


  • Can be monitored remotely through IP/Ethernet networks
  • UTP 10/100Base-T (or optionally Coax 10Base-2 compatible)
  • 25 frames per second per channel capability
  • Transmission privacy ensured through security codes
  • Standard PAL video inputs and outputs
  • Long range capability (up to 5km without repeater in the UK and 10km for export customers)
  • Mains operation
  • IP65 weatherproof enclosures
  • Point to Point as standard
  • Point to Multipoint as option
  • Field expandable with up to 80 cameras
  • Low-cost repeaters increase effective range and accommodate non-line-of-sight applications
  • Bi-directional audio channel option


  • No operating license required
  • Fast, simple "plug and play" installation - straightforward set-up or alignment
  • Consistent high-quality video images
  • Fade and interference free performance in poor weather conditions

A modular, expandable system for the creation of CCTV networks

  • Point to Point Link or Point to Multi-Point with telemetry
  • Expandable 1 - 80 camera system
  • Alarm transmission capability for use with PIR detectors, etc.
  • Control transmission capability for use with gate control, etc.
  • RS232, RS422 or RS485 transmission capability for use with camera control systems, card access systems, switch control, etc.
  • Bi-directional Audio capability

Radio Transceiver Specification

Frequency Range
2.400 - 2.4835 GHz

RF Power with integral antenna
100mW +20dBm (+30dBm Export)

RF Power at external antenna connector
+17dBm Max.

Line of Sight Range
11Mbps @ 5km UK (10km Export)
54Mbps @ 1.5km UK (3km Export)

Radio Data Rates
802.11b: up to 11 Mbps with auto fall back
802.11g: up to 54 Mbps with auto fall back

Operating Channels
13, 3 non-overlapping (ISM band)

128 bit WEP, WPA2, 802.11x Radius Authentication
MAC address filtering, Layer 2 isolation

Input Supply Voltage
110VAC to 220VAC, 5Watts

Mounting kits
Wall or Pole mounts

Video Server Specification

Video Standards
Complies with MPEG-4 & H.264

Video resolution
704x576 4CIF (25ips)
704x288 2CIF (25ips)
464x576 2/3 D1 (25ips)
352x576 1/2 D1 (25ips)
352x288 CIF (25ips)
176x144 QCIF (25ips)
704x288 2CIF (25ips)
464x576 2/3 D1 (25ips)
352x576 1/2 D1 (25ips)
352x288 CIF (25ips)
176x144 QCIF (25ips)

Alarm transmission
One opening/closing contact per video channel from remote (Camera) end

Control transmission
One opening/closing contact per video channel from central (control) end

Video channels
10 channel @ 4Mbps per channel
20 channels @ 2Mbps per channel
40 channels @ 1Mbps per channel
80 channels @ 512Kbps per channel

Data throughput
MPEG-4: 9,600bps to 6Mbit/sec per video channel

One RS232, RS422 or RS485 port per channel

Audio ports
Full duplex 2x RCA ports per channel

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Radio Ethernet
Our Digital Radio Video Transmission system allow you to connect your cameras via high speed digital links that are license free and incur no ongoing call charges.