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TeleGuard® SiteWatch Fastscan

Remote Site Alarm Verification and Control

Our SiteWatch surveillance system redefines alarm verification standards with the fastest transmission of outstanding quality colour or monochrome pictures and simultaneous bi-directional audio communication over standard or digital telephone lines.

SiteWatch is ideal for the monitoring of remote sites from a central location by utilising standard communication networks and allowing the operator complete freedom to control remote site equipment for real-time security verification and access control.

SiteWatch is ideal for the monitoring of remote sites from a central location by utilising standard communication networks and allowing the operator complete freedom to control remote site equipment for real-time security verification and access control.


  • Outstanding colour or monochrome picture quality with up to 928x576 PAL resolution (752x 480 NTSC) full colour range and 256 grey levels
  • Up to 10.5 pictures updates per second on PSTN and up to 12.5 on ISDN systems
  • Transmission and storage of multiple alarms i.e. storing 12 high resolution images, both time and date stamped, for four separate alarm activations
  • Simultaneous multiple alarm signaling, image capture and management
  • Alarm generation for camera loss or cable failure
  • Simultaneous video and bi-directional audio transmission over standard telephone lines
  • 10 outputs for the control of gates, lights etc.
  • 10 camera and alarm inputs, expandable to 100]
  • Unique fast auto-sequencing guard tour
  • Screen displays with full screen, 4-way and 10-way split views
  • Bi-directional transparent RS232 port for remote control of serial devices such as access control, video switchers etc.
  • Flexible support of a wide range of camera PTZ telemetry systems
  • Connects to X.21 ISDN terminal adaptors for digital ISDN applications
  • On screen local and remote set-up in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish

Quality Colour Pictures, Quickly
Digital colour images captured in the transmitter at up to 928x576 pixels (PAL) and 752x480 pixels (NTSC) resolution provide the best possible pictures for verification. The digitisation of the full range of colours and of 256 intensity (grey) levels ensures no picture information is lost, even in poorly illuminated scenes.

State of the art digital image compression and proprietary conditional refresh techniques provide rapid initial image transmission and the fastest updates of all activities.

No Alarms Missed
Automatic transmission and storage of 12 high quality colour snapshot images from 4 separate alarm events eliminates the threat of decoys which plague less sophisticated systems. Automatic simultaneous display of stored alarm and live images, in a quad format, allows the most rapid and accurate assessment of site activity.

Integrated listening ability assists the alarm verification process and transmission of the operator’s voice to the remote site provides instant intruder warning and control.

Comprehensive Remote Control
Industry standard serial interfaces allow the easy integration of a wide variety of telemetry, matrix switcher, access control and image storage systems.
Separate control outputs enable direct operation of remote site equipment such as lights and gates.


Video Inputs
10 video channel inputs, expandable to 100,
1V p/p video input, 75ohm or high impedance

Video Output
1 video output designed to drive a 75ohm load

Alarm/Control Inputs
Transmitter: 10 external alarm inputs (expandable to 100) which trigger an alarm and store images from the corresponding video channel.
Receiver: 10 external control inputs set the state of the corresponding control outputs on the Transmitter.

Alarm/Control Outputs
Transmitter/Receiver: Form C, single pole change over general alarm relay.
Transmitter: 10 open collector control outputs corresponding to the control inputs of the Receiver.
Receiver: 10 open collector alarm outputs.

Image Transmission Time
The first image transmission time is a function of the selected picture quality, scene complexity and communication interfaces. Typical figures are: PSTN 0.3-2.2 seconds, ISDN 0.2-0.6 seconds.
Update times for subsequent images can be less than 0.1 seconds, depending on scene changes and communication rates.

Image Resolution
Colour or monochrome:- Intensity : 256 grey levels
Spatial resolution selectable between:
928x576, 928x288, 464x288, 304x288, 232x288 (PAL/CCIR) and
752x480, 752x240, 376x240, 250x240 (NTSC/EIA)

Audio Input/Output
Bi-directional audio communication quality between the Transmitter and the Receiver is selectable and on links greater than 14.4kbps is 300 Hz to 3.3 kHz bandwidth and 1V p/p typical to 1.5Vp/p maximum. The selectable audio compression qualities depend on the available link speed.

Communications Link Options
PSTN telephone line, ISDN (digital 56 kbps or greater), Cellular phone link, RF link or Ethernet Network Adaptor.

Communications Interface
Asynchronous or synchronous (programmable). RS232 interface (8 data bits, no parity, max baud rate = 192 kbps); Hayes (AT protocol), or X.21.

Serial Data Link
External bi-directional RS232 data link. Programmable baud rate, data bits, stop bits and flow control.

Printer/Computer/RS485 Port 1
Fully configurable RS232 asynchronous serial port (for computer control), or RS484 serial port. (for expansion beyond 10 cameras).

RS485 Port 2
Differential balanced input/output RS485 serial port, to be used for control of PTZ telemetry stations.

System Control & Setup
Operator control on rack-mount version via 10 keys on the front panel. A separate programmer provides secure parameter entry and system programming. Optional VM86 Keyboard for external and/or PTZ control.

Power Requirements
Mains Operation - rack-mount unit only:
180-264VAC, 50Hz, 11VA (max) at 230V
90-130VAC, 60 Hz, 11VA (max) at 110V
12VDC Operation for wall mount unit:
10-15VDC, 11 watts maximum at 12VDC

Construction and Dimensions
Standard 19” rack-mount, 1 U high sub rack to DIN4194 with all connection on rear panel
482mm W x 44.4mm H x 210mm L
Metal enclosure. Interior wall or shelf mounting
Cable entry on one side
365mm L x 205mm W x 65mm D

2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) - Rack-mount
2.6 kilograms (5.7 pounds) - Wall-mount

Operating Conditions
Operating temperature range 0C-50C
Humidity less than 90% non-condensing

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Variable bandwidth
The original remote site alarm verification and control system, utilising video and bi-directional audio transmission to give remote operators complete control over your site, which allows intruders to be effectively challenged.
Ethernet support
Our new Ethernet support module now allows for connections over local and wide area networks, this module allows for the upgrade of existing dialup and leased line installations to full Ethernet support.